1. Hi,
    How’s it going?
    We chatted over on youtube a few days ago and I just wanted to say hello. My name is Son Wu
    I found this other related project on youtube and thought you might be interested: https://youtu.be/lYp-KzeMrx0
    Also I was wondering, if you thought of implementing a resampling feature. Meaning the ability to sample the sounds that are currently being played on the device? This would be helpful to stack multiple effects. Are you looking to copy the OP-1s tape, or stick to sequencers? If you have any questions about samplers in general feel free to hit me up. I don’t know anything about coding or engineering, but I have used a ton of samplers and would be happy to give feedback and help out. Anyway…I think you project looks fantastic and very promising. I’d love to test it out, when the time comes! Best of luck and have a good day,
    Son Wu

    1. Hey Son Wu!

      Thanks dude, its great to have you as a resource. I’ll definitely be in touch when I get around to putting more work into the software, where your experience with samplers will come in handy.
      That video you linked seems like an awesome project- soo many cool features and the display animations/GUI especially are fantastic! I hope the creator releases some more details about it

      About resampling, I do actually already have that feature albeit in a slightly limited capacity. I didn’t do a great job of showing it in the “Recording and Sampling” video, but there is the option to record the output audio stream from the device and build a sample kit with it. I say it’s limited because as of now you can’t use this internal recording feature when other recorded samples are playing. With the current topology, this would have meant reading from and writing to the SD card at the same time, and since I couldn’t figure out how to do that, this feature only works for sounds coming from the sequencer or the wavetable/subtractive synthesizer. Fixing this is on my agenda with the ultimate goal of having some sort of multi-track recording ability, similar to the OP-1’s tape like you mentioned.

  2. Erich says:

    Hi, I have seen Your calculation for the price. I had played around with the Teensy 3.6 for a while but went over to the ESP32 – mainly because of the price. For a while there were no good Audio-Projects, but now, on Youtube and Github You could find Marcel Licence, – he created a lot of things with the ESP32 A1S and the normal ESP32 Wroom: He did a Basic-Synth which sounds great in Videos, a Drum-Computer, a Looper, a FM-Synth and a Sampler!! – all without a lot of external Hardware. I am trying to add a second I2C for the ESP32. As it has 2 Cores, one core could do the Audio and the other Core could do the UI-tasks with some external I2C-Multiplexers. I believe, all the IOs You need could be controlled via one ESP32 A1S or an ESP32 with an external DAC.

  3. Dee Gee says:

    What about Daisy seed?
    $28 USD
    Onboard DAC/RAM/MEM

  4. matt says:

    wow, I’m stunned. What a wonderful project including research, 3D, audio, coding….

  5. Jonathan Mejorado says:

    Hi, my friend, do you use the adc, for give the input signal, and, process like a midi controller or real piano feels?, do you know some hardware that implement this topic?

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