1. Hi there brother. I’ve been following your series and I’m about to order the pieces but got here and there are links to the screen and buttons that are actually pointing to a pdf file and not to the store. Would you be so kind to provide the bom links to order the parts please? Thanks in advance! And thanks for such a great work!!

  2. Colby says:

    Hi Prajwal,

    First let me say how grateful I am for all the work you’ve documented here.

    Maybe it’s been too long since you put this together, but I had a question regarding the voltage regulator(s) for the audio codec:

    Do you remember why you used both the NCP163ASN330T1G and the AP7313 ICs to deliver power to the SGTL5000 audio codec?

    I see that the AP71313 is used to drop the voltage down to 1.8 for the VDDD (Digital voltage) pin of the codec, but am trying to understand the purpose of the NCP LDO you’ve used before that. Is this solely to isolate power delivery to the codec’s VDDA (Analog voltage) pin AND/OR its VDDIO (Digital I/O voltage) pin? Mostly I’m asking because a number of other projects I’m referencing deliver 3.3V directly to the input of the AP7313 from the Teensy 4.1’s 3.3V line, and I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth going further than the treatment the AP7313 provides.

    With appreciation,

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