1. sorrow bear says:

    Hey! where can i download the BOM for this DIY?

    1. Praj says:

      Whoops forgot to put that up, thanks for the reminder. Just added the BOM and a little summary document on the Github inside Version 2 > Hardware

  2. Mirosha says:

    Great project you have here, I love how fast you are making progress. I have been designing a portable synth/sequencer inspired partly by OP-1 for over a year now. Although my progress is much slower because of work and other stuff.

    At the moment, I am battling with the same problem as you with the sample playing. Would you mind sharing the code you did for loading the samples to the memory chip from the SD? I am thinking of creating a similar solution for my project, but without having to play through the whole sample to be able to transfer it. I think your solution would be a great help in the right direction.

    Btw, I came across this power supply / battery charger design while doing research for my project. I am thinking of implementing something similar, might work for you too? It consists only of hand-solderable components. https://hackaday.io/project/169422-iot-ups

    What are your next steps for the project?

    1. Praj says:

      Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing your device if you ever put it online!

      I’ve sent you an email with an example sketch containing some bare-bones code. Hopefully that’ll summarize how I’m loading the samples, and you can obviously find the full implementation somewhere inside the CombinedSystem arduino project on the GitHub.

      And I appreciate the link to the power supply! Seems like it uses fewer/easier to solder components and has a fairly high current boost converter, so it definitely looks like it would be a great fit!

      As for next steps, I’m planning on updating the form factor to fit in one of those 60% keyboard cases, and on the software side, I’m starting on recording/tape deck functionality as well as dealing with audio inputs to the device. Although nothing’s really set in stone yet, I’m just feeling my my way forward lol

      Good luck with your project!

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